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The place I share my recent photo projects, stories and thoughts about what's happening around me and the world.

About starting a Blog

Three years it's been now...

My website has been online for three years, has seen already two major changes, this is the next one, finally.

The blog, whatever this word actually means, from thoughts, to experiences, maybe reviews I guess we will see and refine as we go. After all it is far more important to get yourself out there than being completely ready, it's important to accept there's always going to be imperfections.

Done is better than Perfect

We live in a new world of instant information, where communication takes many forms and shapes, trends and interests can change with a hashtag, it's normal to feel overwhelmed. 

 Photo by Bruno Maes

In This high-flying and high-speed show, I'm starting my blog, with the goal of providing some insights to a photographer's career, some the behind the scenes, "reviews" or rather opinions.

More to come :)

I promise.


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