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Fire Photography Workshop

Fire Photography Workshop

Join Bruno for a unique opportunity on this 4 hours workshop to capture amazing fire Performers and learn how to create stunning images.

During a workshop where you’ll learn not only the its and tricks of action photography, we will explore creatives options by posing a subject and seeing how the light can help shaping the image. We will add light to the flame to blend them to a great exposure. We will also dive in creatives options with slower shutter speeds.

Playing with fire can be tricky but you’ll be around professional performers following strict guidelines for everyone’s safety. We will show you tricks to get close safely and capture stunning images.

  • Our workshop will start with a portrait session, with help from Bruno to pose a model, you’ll be encouraged to get the poses you want as well and let your vision be captured.

2018-06-19_Antal Jozseff-3.jpg
2018-06-19_Antal Jozseff-4.jpg
  • Learn and practice creative techniques with slow shutter speed, mixing a fire rope, fire bolas or other surprising tools for amazing effects.

2018-06-19_Antal Jozseff-12.jpg
  • Capture unique images, as each workshop varies on theme and location creating astonishing moods and styles.

For any questions or informations about the next workshop feel free to contact Bruno directly or sign up for the Newsletter.

Details of the next workshop

  • Date: Friday 14th of December 2018

  • Location: Brussels

  • Timing: 19:00 to 23:00  

  • Price: € 200,00 per person (includes contact with Bruno for post processing help)

  • Minimum amount of people: 3

  • Maximum amount of people: 6

  • A minimal knowledge of your camera is required.

  • Tough in English or French

BTS video of a past workshop:

Behind the scenes images and images from participants: